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of governor romney, president obama will probably say, i haven't gotten his official response, he will probably say the economy is expanding. it is going in the right direction. we need more time for number of new jobs we really need but we're going in the right direction. governor romney will almost certainly respond we're not growing fast enough. we could do a whole lot better without going into all this debt. bill: stuart, thank you. the closing argument for governor romney happens this afternoon. we'll show you which state he is making that in. it will be very interesting to many. thank you, stuart. see you 9:20 on fbn. you got it. martha. martha: let's get another look at this jobs picture. there is combination of 23 million americans who are either unemployed right now or what we call underemployed. more than 3.5 million of those folks have been unemployed a year or more. it taking average for 40.2 weeks for someone unemployed to find a job. that is a very long time. i don't have to tell any folks that are in that situation that is painful. here is another look at it, anothe
: that is a look at mitt romney with five days to go. there is a mad dash to the finish line in the race for the white house. brand new details where the candidates are and what happens now. bill: serious questions also about the administration's claims that the deadly strike in benghazi came without warning. there are new documents just unearthed. you will see them and see what they tell us about what was happening in libya at the time. martha: we're getting a clearer picture of the scope of the damage sandy left behind. here is live look this morning with a boat sitting outside somebody's house in belmar, new jersey. we can also tell you that the former secretary of homeland security, governor tom ridge, is up in just a few minutes. he will talk to us about what he thinks is ahead in this whole sandy situation. be right back. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. martha: all right. take a look at this live shot
and honey is mitt romney's sandwich. we'll see if they have it at the white house. how about this. could gitmo detainees be heading to your town. the move to close guantanamo bay. why it may be a bad idea. bill: any chance republicans fold on raising tax rates? we will find out when we ask senator john f u.n. e, and conservatives say the fight is far from over. >> republicans have stood for one thing specifically, it's held them together, they are the low tax party. the other guys want to tax to match their reckless spending. if they give it up now in return for nothing obama wins and he wins big. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. i just finished a bowl of your new light chicken pot pie soup and it's so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... ...lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. martha: unions are stopping work at another busy california port.
that marco rubio had this plan of his own. governor romney had been campaigning in florida with marco rubio and was asked do you agree with what senator rubio was saying on immigration and he hesitated. he said i have got to think about it. i have to wonder if that wasn't a moment that might have changed the course of a lot of things. >> it could be. i think one of the realities here and mary catherine was touching on this. i think you will see core constituencies rush to people like marco rubio and say tell us how you would do this. i think it raises rubio's stature within the party. you have to look at the business community and people in the high-tech sector and wall street who want immigration reform to get the best brains into the country and are willing to make concessions if you tell them we can get the best people here. >> the system is a mess and horribly complex just as most things in the federal government. but this is not some sort of quick fix where you say you are for this and it involves the problems. it's policy were the on issues barack obama would have paid a price or brag
. it is chile, right? martha: turkey chile. bill: president obama hosting governor mitt romney for a private lunch at white house. this is the photo released by the white house, shaking hands at the oval house. they had a lunch, hour long, no media or press cameras. press press was asked about it. listen here. melissa: nothing is preventing you from speaking with governor romney about it. well, that is obviously up to former governor romney to decide whether he wants to have a conversation with you. and, you're welcome, when the president, next appears before you to ask him about it. we will provide a readout. but we didn't, i think they wanted to have, each man wanted to have a private conversation. they didn't want to turn it into a press event. bill: we hear that governor romney congratulated the president on his campaign and wished himself. they promised to stay in contact if there are opportunities to work on shared interest. don't hold your breath. martha: a new government report out shows americans cut back on their spending last month and saw no growth in their incomes. the commerce
administration, you're not going to get tax rates cut. that was the romney plan, to raise revenues. so you could eliminate some loopholes, deductions, for example, as a way of bringing in more tax revenue. but you're right, bill, there is a key distinction between tax rates and raising revenues by cutting loopholes. bill: give me an example. what would that deduction be? >> suppose you narrow the mortgage interest deduction, just suppose, that is not necessarily on the table, just suppose you did that, millionaires can not deduct all of their mortgage interest. you can't do that. that would be a loophole which you could cut. that is not necessarily on the table but that is an example. bill: go ahead. >> the bottom line is, bill, tax revenues are very likely to go up one way or the other, they will go up, starting early next year. and plus, promises to cut spending later and don't care about the deficit. if that is the outline of a deal, that is the deal most likely will take place early next year. bill: now you have a president who won a second term who insists that the, those with the highest r
turned out had ohio, florida, nevada, colorado, some of those states gone for mitt romney. they're talking about the economy. they're talking the unemployment rate is 1% lower in those states that have gop governors. louisiana governor bobby jindal yesterday talked about the economy and the success the gop governors are having. >> you look at what other governors are doing to lower their unemployment rates. for example, john kasich in ohio and rick scott in florida, they're improving the private sector economies. republican governors have great experience when they pursue tough policies and tough choices not for austerity sake. it is a prosperity agenda. >> reporter: a lot of people are talking about bobby jindal a rising star and possible candidate in the 2016, gregg. gregg: dan, the presidential raise is probably coming up in this meeting as well, right? >> reporter: it certainly is. there is a lot of hand-wringing, a lot of talk about why the gop, why mitt romney did not win at the presidential level this past election. there has been mostly complimentary talk about governor
. you remember mitt romney said he would declare them immediately if he became president. they do a report twice a year on whether the countries are manipulating their currency to try to gain trade advantages. a lot of people feel china is doing that. despite the decision not to declare them as such, the administration says the chinese yen remains significantly under valued 16-cents to every u.s. dollar. that makes it a lot easier to buy our goods. bill: three minutes past the hour now. republicans sent to introduce their own version of the d.r.e.a.m. act called the aeu grieve act. achieve act. it would provide legal status for hundreds of undocumented aliens. republicans are serious about coughing this issue. >> we have to get this ball rolling. we have to have a discussion that is sensible, calm, that discusses all of the different aspects of the issue and this particular part of immigration reform seemed a logical place to begin. >> steve centanni is live in washington on this. steve, good morning. how would this fit for calls for comprehensive immigration reform? >> that is un
system. >> right. bill: the mentioned papa john's. ceo was a mitt romney supporter. last week he said he would reduce workers hours as a result of this and pizza price would go up 14 cents for every large pizza. now you're starting to see how it is literally baked into these american companies, right? >> literally baked in. that's exactly right. the problem is when obamacare was sold to the american people it was appealing message that appealed to a lot of us we will lower these costs, health care costs for employers all over the country. a lot of employers bought into that. they're looking at cold reality, bill. these costs are not falling. premiums will rise. something hag to give. you pay more for products or businesses hire fewer workers or not going to hire a 50th worker. i find it to be a tragic situation. if i were congress, let's get unemployment rate down before we put all new costs on the backs of businesses. bill: remember cbo director doug elmendorf, he predicted 850,000 jobs would be on the line with obamacare. is that true or is that happening now? >> it looks like he was b
that if mitt romney had got even on board with the legislation that marco rubio wanted to propose in the senate things might have gonna little bit differently in the election. what do you think your side needs to do to create an immigration reform environment that is better all around? >> well, as a guy -- i refuse to take any responsibility for the disaster that is mitt romney. but you don't win by saying that we are not going to apply the laws equally to all people. everybody who wants to come here legally should be able to go through the process and come here legally. to reward the people for breaking the law is an insult to all of the legal immigrants, whether from brazil or ireland who have done it it the right way. i think people like myself who want this nation to be a nation of leaguele immigrants should stand up on behalf of legal immigrants instead of attacking illegal immigrants. you don't need a culture war. stand up for what makes america great. work and the rule of law. martha: last word from santita. >> i agree with you. >> you changed your mind. >> happy thanksgiving to you, swe
on this mitt romney campaigned on that but what have leading democrats said about entitlement reform on medicare, medicaid, social security? >> you have used an important word there, reform. entitlement reform. i have not heard a plan for real structural reform from the democrats side of the aisle. they propose to raise more money from the rich which pays for some of the entitlements which we now enjoy but reform, structural reform, changing the way these entitlement programs are actually run, i have not heard that from the democrats. bill: interesting. dick durbin suggested perhaps they need to talk about this we'll see further on that from their side very soon. stuart, thank you. >> bill. bill: see you at 9:20 on fbn. stuart varney with us. here's martha. martha: big word reform, in taxes and entitlements. will that happen? senator graham is not the only republican that says he believes something needs to be done to avoid the fiscal cliff. >> i think everybody should be on the table. i am myself am opposed to tax increases. the fact is the speaker and majority leader and president
. they finished their count on saturday. the final tally, president obama 50% of the vote. governor romney 49.1% of the vote, a slim 74,000 votes divided the two candidates. the win gave the president eight of the nine critical swing states. he only lost to mitt romney north carolina. gregg: well, new signs that democrats and republicans could be moving toward a compromise deal, well at least they're talking about it, to avert the so-called fiscal cliff. major tax hikes across the board spending cuts, set to automatically go into effect at the end of the year. on "face the nation", senior obama advisor david axelrod discussing how both sides seem to be moving closer to a key sticking point. >> speaker boehner seemed to suggest that he was open to closing loopholes, to real tax reform. can you get there by just closing loopholes, or will it take more than that? >> well, look, i don't want to prejudge the discussions. i think that the speaker's comments have been encouraging and there is obviously money to be gained by closing some of these, closing some of these loopholes and applying them to
by executive fiat by a president mitt romney. so that leaves a third approach and here what john boehner rights, congress has a constitutional responsibility to conduct thorough oversight of the executive branch and congressional oversight will play a critical role in appealing obama care going forward. how in the world does that happen? >> well, it's not going to play a role in p repealing obamacare. this is a little bit of a surprise from bean bone, he said right after the election i guess that settles it, that makes it the law of the land. what the white house will say, obamacare was passed by congress, signed by congress, upheld by the supreme court. if you want to repeal it you can forget about it. the republicans will say these fiscal cliff talks are discussing all sorts of spending that was passed into law by congress and signed by the president and they've got to make some changes to avoid the -- you know the fiscal disaster that is headed our way. but i think the chances of republicans actually making any significant changes in obamacare in these talks are almost zero. gregg: yeah, loo
mitt romney was recommend any sent of racists who kept rosa parks in the back of the bus. then said the president's problems are in large measure because of his skin color. is there a pattern here with representative clyburn that diminishes his credibility? >> the bigger question is there a pattern of racism directed at this president by republicans. when you call someone the food stamp president, that sounds like code language. i don't think it's my job to tell james clyburn what he should find racially offensive. >> we need a mccain moment from democrats who see this divisive language and tell it to stop. one republican radio host introduced him using his middle name hussein to try to race bait. at what level does someone la to achieve to have their race and gender stop being the issue? and, alan, the congressional black caucus opposed susan rice's nomination in 1997. is that racist? >> i'm saying i think it's not my place to tell james clyburn how he may feel offended because of a history of racism. i think -- i think it's a mistake strategically to start attack an african-americ
. the meeting included mitt romney's campaign pollster kneel newhouse along with several florida campaign operatives. it was held at a hotel on pennsylvania avenue accepts steps away from the white house. take that and -- martha: interesting. a growing number of republicans have now signaled that they would be willing to compromise on revenue, on the revenue side, taxes, to avoid going over this fiscal cliff that is looming in front of all of us, but in exchange they say they want democrats to get serious about giving in on entitlements. president obama himself even admitting a couple of years ago that he believes that these programs, as they are, are simply not sustainable. listen. >> the major driver of our long-term liabilities, everybody here knows is medicare and medicaid and our healthcare spending. nothing comes close. martha: there is the problem. that is the president a couple years ago. chris van molland is ranking member of the budget committee. good to have you here this morning. martha: good to be with you. martha: i want to get to medicare in a moment. i want to start with w
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)